A Gift

Mar. 21st, 2015 07:14 am
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*Disclaimer: The gift mentioned in the title isn't one I'm about to offer you — sorry.*

And before I tell you what the gift actually is, I should explain that I'm cheating — sorry again — as I'm writing this yesterday and scheduling the post for Saturday as I don't want to double-post on Friday. (Confused? Great. Job done).


So anyway, the gift. I mentioned earlier this week that I've realised I need to write a couple of new chapters/scenes before I hit the events of my mid-point, including another interaction (or two) between a couple of key characters. I've been pondering the shape of these scenes over the past few days, waiting for them to grow in my imagination, and on Thursday night as I lay in bed, they not only grew, they blossomed like the hawthorn blossoming at the end of my road.

Not only that, it turns out the gift is like a pass-the-parcel kind of gift (not the kind where none of the outer layers contain anything other than more layers; the kind that nice parents make where there's a little gift within each layer). See, these scenes emerged from the mist of my imagination with some really quite nice character development in them; particularly of the significant secondary character I was going on about a while back who I wasn't happy with. Turns out he likes drawing — who knew? No-one apparently until last night.

'So?' I hear you say, 'He likes drawing. What's the big deal?'

I suspect it's a far bigger deal than even I realised. The more I think about it, the more I can see that it's a pivotal aspect of his character, and of his character arc.

In conclusion and summary, turns out my brain-parts are continuing to work very nicely, thank you.

All I have to do now is write the scenes.
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