Aug. 17th, 2014

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This morning, I went on an adventure. From my new home, it's a fifteen minute walk to a beautiful country park (and thence to the open countryside beyond). This morning, for the first time, I walked that walk, though it took me twenty minutes because I took several wrong turns — but hey, wrong turns are all a part of having an adventure. I arrived, and that's the important thing.

And this is what I arrived at:


I met these guys:

And these guys, who were making a right racket:

And befriended more new Dreaming Trees than I thought possible, but you'll have to wait for another time to see those photos.

Now, I'm finally sitting at my PC, writing a proper blog post, with a box of chocolates to hand, and this album playing softly in the background (seriously check it out; it's gorgeous!) I say 'finally' because life has been seven shades of crazy for me over the past many months, some of the shades difficult, some frustrating, but all, ultimately, to the good. Because now here I am in my very own home. While I'm sure life will discover some new challenge to throw my way, the trials and mayhem of house-buying are over, which means I can tiptoe into the dusty corner of the attic and rouse Writer Jenny from her slumbers. It's been so long since I've written ... well, anything ... that I'm most certainly feeling the fear, which is why I'm devoting the next two days before I go back to work to writing. No distractions. No chores. No excuses!

A couple of months back, I started work on FallingBook, and although, by necessity, I've had to tuck her away for a while, thoughts of her have hovered on the periphery of life's chaos, eagerly awaiting the return of my attention. I read this post by Kristin Cashore a while back, and decided it was a technique that might prove useful for me, so a few days ago, I made my own version:

Planning Board

(For those of you who are interested, it's good thick curtain fabric, hemmed, and with a bamboo cane threaded through the top. Rubber bands at either end prevent the string it's hanging from rucking the fabric. The three ribbons you can see divide the board into Blake Snyder's four acts. Each 'scene card' is pinned on, so it's all easily re-jiggable)

The plotting cards are rough, but they're enough to give me a scaffolding for the story. Since the story already exists in old versions of the novel, it's been a matter of working through it and figuring out which scenes are core to the telling. When I last worked on the cards, I discovered I had a gaping hole in Act Three, yet with the distance of two months, I've thought again, played around with the ordering, added a pinch here, a tuck there, and I think the framework is pretty much ... there.

All I need to do now is face the fear and get writing ...


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