Nov. 29th, 2014

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Two things:

1. I'm an idiot, and
2. I love LJ

Why? On October 31st , we had a really useful conversation here on LJ about how I was going to overcome my writing fears after a long writing absence. At the end of the conversation, I decided my best approach to the fledgeling MoulderingBook, and to tackling my lost writing confidence, was to simply freewrite for a while. I also decided I might try working up a full outline for this book. I've only really outlined in part for previous projects, and for a number of reasons, I realised I might be doing myself several favours if I tried out the full-outline approach.

15K words and a month down the line, I'd forgotten that plan, and found myself in the pickle I told you about the other day.

And that's why I love LJ (one of many reasons, in fact). Because the record of this conversation on LJ preserved what my brain hadn't, and reminded me of my intentions.

Essentially, I can now reassure myself that the 15K words — mis-step and need to rework and all — are just a freewriting exercise that's served its purpose: I've put the Procrastination Pixies and Rampaging Ogres of Doubt back in their box and I'm writing again. Hurrah! Now it's time to head back to planning and persuade the story into a proper shape.

Maybe I'm just playing games with my inner Writer Jenny to make myself feel better, but hey, what does it hurt?

Which brings me to a few questions:

In the past, I have outlined to a degree, but have never worked up a full and lengthy outline in the way that some writers do. I think full-outlining is something I'd like to try and I wondered if those of you out there who do produce full outlines have any tips to offer on how to approach it. How long do your full outlines run? How much detail is in them?

The main thing that has put me off full outlines in the past is that the only time I attempted one, it killed the story for me, as it felt like I'd already written it, and all enthusiasm and creative delight vanished. How do you get past this?

Any and all advice welcome (thanks).


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