Mar. 11th, 2015

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A couple of weeks back, I hit a wall with MoulderingBook. Well, kind of a wall. And to be fair, it wasn't wholly unexpected, since I usually get stuck at a similar stage of the Exploratory Draft of all my books. It's as though, no matter how much advance planning I do, there are certain things about a story that only come clear once I'm actually writing the thing.

It's apparently part of my "process"!

After wearing my pondering hat for a while (it's purple and fluffy), I realised I might not be facing so dramatic a reworking as I initially thought (phew!), and I've spent the last few days rewriting the first 20K words.

While I thought my main issue lay with one of my significant secondary characters, it actually turns out the sticking points are more scattershot than that. So, I've:

  • tweaked with the plot, and

  • added a ticking clock to introduce a sense of urgency

  • enhanced traits in some characters, and

  • rethought some character motivations, including

  • adding a new element to my MC, which makes her more proactive

  • introduced more paranoia and Gothic-ness to the setting more widely, and

  • generally given everything a bit of a spit and polish.

It's been such fun. In fact, this is officially the Most Fun Book I've ever written. In the past, I've tended to write rather heavy, woeful tales, full of angst and anguish. While MoulderingBook certainly has its share, the entire tone of the story is different, and it's a joy to play with.

Right, onward with typing up the next 20K hand-written words, which will take me more-or-less to the half-way point of the book. Then I'll see how the view looks from those lofty heights.


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