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To all my LJ friends,

Thank you for keeping me company over here in my little corner of LJ this year.

I hope you have a wonderful Festive Season, however and whatever you choose to celebrate.

Best wishes,

Jenny x

When I Die

Dec. 3rd, 2014 02:11 pm
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When I was a kid and got it into my head, as kids do, that I had to have something, my Mum would always ask me, "Do you really need it?"

While I'm no angel, and there have been times in my life when I had the disposable cash to spend on frivolities and indulgencies(though not these days), my Mum's lesson remained there at the back of my mind, even if I chose to ignore it sometimes.

One of the things I'm never frivolous about is footwear. I only ever have a few pairs in my cupboard. For everyday wear, I tend to buy a couple of pairs of good quality boots, such as Doc Martens, take good care of them and wear them until they fall apart. Last week, the pair I've had for the last eight or so years did exactly that, so I had to replace them.

By unfortunate coincidence, I decided to go boot shopping on Friday after work. Yep, Black Friday, although I didn't realise it was that until an hour or so before I left work. Still, needs must, so I braved town, and actually benefitted from a Black Friday deal, which meant I replaced my boots at a considerable reduction.

Then I came home and watched the news reports on television of the Black Friday shoppers in the UK. The hideous displays of selfishness, greed and consumerism-gone-mad reduced me to tears. Imagine what we could achieve if the human race channelled that kind of energy into something positive.

Then today, I read on this lovely blog that I've just been introduced to, the same question my Mum used to ask, along with a secondary question:

"Do I really need this? What will be done with it when I die?"

It struck a chord with me.

Not wanting to be a seasonal party-pooper; just putting the thought out there.


Nov. 27th, 2014 07:07 am
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I read a particular piece of news a couple of months back, and find myself returning to it over and again. It rips at my heart and makes my soul ache.

In the last 40 years, the world has lost half of its wildlife.

Simply typing those words makes me hurt.

In the last 40 years.

That's in my lifetime.

In my lifetime, we have lost half of the world's wildlife, to either devastating depletion, or outright extinction.

On telly the other night there was a documentary about how a wonderfully-preserved mammoth has been discovered in Siberia. Apparently, scientists are hopeful it may lead to successful cloning. The recent news has been full of reports of a revolutionary space probe landing on an asteroid; it's amazing, we're told, and I'm sure it is. Season after season, year after year (most recently with the terrible snowstorms in the US), we hear of 'unseasonal' this and 'record-breaking' that when it comes to extremes of the weather.

I keep wondering why we, as a race, are so intent on bringing back a species that died out for perfectly natural reasons (climate change that wasn't manmade), and on exploring the vast 'out there', instead of using our energies, resources and intellect to protect and save what's left of our beautiful world. Have we really written off the Earth already?
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Yesterday was the first truly frosty, early-winter's day in my neck of the woods. I love days like that, so I bundled up warm and headed out into the wilds of my local park where the beauty was enough to make my soul sing.

Frosty berries:


And frosty buds:


Mist across the mill pond:


And the last of autumn's colour against a fragile, chilly-blue sky:

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(I don't have a sparrow icon, so a rather disapproving heron will have to do).

So yes, I've got stupid sparrows. And that's not a new and interesting medical complaint!

I recently bought a bird feeding station: a copper pole with a 'torch' at the top for fat balls, and various hooks and trays for water, feeders, and other assorted birdy goodies. Well, winter's approaching, and I like to look after my feathered neighbours.

The local sparrow gang sat in the trees over the back and watched with eager interest as I built the thing and set it up, then went about filling the feeders.

"Hold on," I kept telling them. "Not much longer, just need to put the fat balls in and top up the water dish."

They waited impatiently, tapping their little sparrow feet on the branches.

"Right," I finally told them. "Finished. There you go.'"

And they all flew off.

I'm trying not to take it personally.
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I had the most wonderful Autumn Adventure on Sunday. The hedgerows were bursting full of autumn's jewels, including some of the biggest hawthorn berries I've ever seen:


And beautiful elderberries:


Although most of the latter had been pretty well picked over by the likes of this fearless fellow:


And then there was were my favourite autumn jewels: blackberries:


I love autumn, it's my favourite season, and blackberries are one of the reasons why. I love eating them, and I love blackberrying. It's a ritual which spins me through time to all my other blackberrying adventures. I wear the vicious thorn scratches with pride — I earn my berries, dammit! Despite the Law of Blackberrying, which states that the best berries are always just out of reach, I still came home with loads, and to celebrate, made myself this:


Blackberries and pancakes, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and dark chocolate flakes. #AutumnBliss.


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