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Talking of pretty notebooks, as we were last time, I spent a chunk of days earlier this week with the one I've allocated for working on ideas for the reimagining of PaintingBook. I had a constructive few days figuring out what's wrong with it, where it walks a line too close to the ideas and themes of FallingBook, and how to engineer a divergence so I don't come off as a one-trick-pony. I now have a clearer idea of my path, but more importantly, it's become clear to me that playing with PaintingBook was just a distraction from FallingBook.

See, after hitting the 18K mark with the FallingBook reworking, as I did two weeks ago, I reached a sticky point where I will need to do more thinking and planning to work out how to tackle the next part. And that's hard! So, of course, my brain scrabbled around for distraction, and settled on PaintingBook, because thinking about that was so much more fun.

But I wasn't kidding anyone, least of all myself. It was a temporary distraction, albeit a fun and constructive one. No time spent writing, planning writing, or even thinking about writing, is wasted time, after all.

So, reworking PaintingBook is earmarked as a project for the future, and this weekend, it's back to FallingBook I must go. Ee-aye-ee-aye-oh!
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It's no good, I simply have to share my latest notebook excitement. And trust me, I'm very excited about these notebooks! I confess, I'm something of a notebook fetishist (as are many writers, I suspect), and when I spotted these little lovelies for a bargain price, I couldn't resist. I bought two. Yes yes, I know the picture shows ... um ... six of them. What's your point? Okay, I went back and bought five more (I have two of one design). Look, aren't they beautiful, and so shiny, with designs from my favourite art era (all but two are still in their cellophane wrapping, which is why they're not quite as shiny as top right and bottom left):


They're even pretty on the back. I've already begun to fill this one with notes for my reworking of PaintingBook:


And inside, they have the same lovely paper as Moleskin notebooks, and even include the Moleskin-style pocket inside the back cover (everybody's jumping on that particular bandwagon these days, and who can blame them?)


Since 2010, I've been keeping a Moleskin notebook to collect random ephemera and story ideas with a small 'i'. My plan is to use these notebooks for story ideas that grow into Ideas with a capital 'I', assigning one per notebook. Because, honestly, who wouldn't want to keep picking up one of these beauties to add more notes inside? In fact, who wouldn't want to keep picking them up to pet and admire them, and talk to them lovingly? Or is that just me? Er-hem.
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Well, I say "the failings of time", when in fact I mean only the one; that being, there's never enough of it!

Something about returning to FallingBook after all this time has brought memories of other old projects out of the closets of my mind. One in particular. For the purposes of LJ, I'll refer to it as ... oh, I don't know ... let's go with PaintingBook.

PaintingBook was the adult novel I wrote immediately before the 2010 version of FallingBook, which means I was working on it during 2008-9. In fact, I wrote a lot of it longhand while I was off work with a badly broken arm during the winter of 2008-9. While it's a ridiculously weighty tome, it's also the book that's brought me the most success with agents  — I even had one agent ring me a couple of times to talk about it. I didn't get any further than that with it though, and I'm not surprised; there's a lot to like about the book, but there's a lot wrong with it too. The premise explores some of the same ground as FallingBook, but I've had an idea for a different direction I can take it in so I don't come across as a one-trick-pony.

Which brings me to my current ponderings. See, I'm wondering if I might earmark it as my next project after FallingBook. And that's where the cursing of time comes it. I've only just begun reworking FallingBook; that means I won't get to PaintingBook for a couple of years! Maybe I could play around with PaintingBook at the same time as FallingBook? Hmm. I've never been any good at working with multiple writing projects at the same time; I need to immerse myself in just the one or my brain melts.

What I might do is read through the old MS and maybe sketch in some thoughts about how I might approach it when the time comes. In the meantime, here's the image that inspired it (or near as dammit, anyway. The actual image is a wonderful sepia postcard I've had since I was a child). *Sigh*. Just looking at it gives me the itches to write!


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