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Hmmm, my brain's a bit all over the place at the moment, so I don't have anything coherent to say. In place of coherency, these are a few of the things that have been occupying my ping-pong mind:

1. I'm at around the mid-point of my current WIP now. It's still in early draft form, although it's impossible to say which number draft as it continues in its to-and-fro manner. I'm resigned to the fact that this novel just wants to be written this way - two steps forward, twenty back - and that's fine because each time I retrace my steps, I get to know the characters and the story a little better, and hey, I am still making forward progress even if it is slow.

2. A new project has begun whispering to me with increasing insistence, and strangely that whispering is set against a soundtrack of sobbing, yearning cello music, like this from Yo-Yo Ma on the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" soundtrack ...

3. I'm sure there was a third thing ... oh yes ...The UK is currently in the midst of yet another "unseasonably warm month with record-breaking high temperatures" (and far too many people think this is something to be happy about - climate change on your doorstep anyone??!!) I confess that the warm days and cold, clear nights are blessing me with some incredibly beautiful early-morning train journeys to work. This morning, for instance, there was ground mist along the rivers and spooling out across the neighbouring fields, which were hazed with frost, lit by a liquid-gold rising sun. A deer lifted its head to watch the train go by, as did a fox, caught in mid-step. The bunnies, meanwhile, braving chilly toes in the frost, paid the passing train not a grain of attention. Soul food. *Sigh*.

What's on your mind today?


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