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Have you felt a breath stirring the hairs on the back of your neck?

If you have, it was me, peeking over your shoulder, because I'm still here as often as I can be, reading you all and missing you.

The upsidedownness of my life continues, with all the multitudinous things I must do to affect the changes in it swallowing my time and energy. Which means I don't have time to do more than peek at your blog posts. No time to comment, and even less to post my own.

But I'm still here whenever I can be, and am dropping by today to share a picture of one of my favourite early Spring flowers — because Spring truly arrived here this weekend, to send my heart and spirits soaring.

North Wales 2010 067
(Hellebores in a North Wales garden)

If blogging has been forced to take a back seat of late, so too has much of my writing. I'd say I miss it, and I do miss being able to focus on creating in the way I normally do, but in so many ways, I am still writing, and I know it'll all still be there when life settles down again and I can return to it properly. In the meantime, I'm continuing to toss down whatever comes in my Attic Notebook, and to my surprise, what has been coming has found shape in an idea for a new novel. It's rather different from anything I've written before, and I'm excited to see what comes of it. When I'm able, I'm using Pinterest to explore the idea in visual terms. It's a wonderful twenty-first century way of scrapbooking, not to mention a fabulous way to take my mind off other matters. It's helping me to feel I'm still working on my writing, even if I'm not actually doing much ... writing.

But I will be again soon.

And I'll be back here again properly soon as well.

Until then, I'm here as much as I can be in spirit, if not always in fact.

*Small sigh*


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